Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Info - Nusa Iskandar MTB Adventure Ride 2010

1. Event Date: Sunday 12 December 2010
- Sign in starts: 6.00am
- Sign in closes: 8.15am
- Ride Briefing: 8.15am
- Ride Starts: 8.30am

2. Venue: Setia Eco Garden, Gelang Patah, Johor Bahru (GPS Coordinate: N 01'29.671' E 103'35.571')

3. The Courses: Expect to be riding perhaps 4 hours to 6 hours or more to complete the full ride.
The trail will cover 50km (Rolling, Wide, Single Track, Oil Palm and Rubber Plantation). The trail is 100% ride-able and welcome for all beginner or expert ride.

Warning!!! BigBomb (GP) DH Track in Check Point 1

1. Check Point 1 - 10km
2. Check Point 2 - 20km
3. Check Point 3 - 28km
4. Check Point 4 - 40km
5. Check Point 5 - 47km
Total: 50KM

Chicken Loop:
Available in Check Point 1 and Check Point 2 only. Rides who do not make the cut-off time or who wish to opt out will be able to ride back via chicken loop.

Cut-Off Time:
Entrance to Check Point 1 will be cut off at 10.00am
Entrance to Check Point 2 will be cut off at 11.30am

Water Section:
Water Station 1 is located at 20km
Water Station 2 is located at 34km
Water Station 3 is located at 42km
The water stations have water dispensers, bananas, chocolate and biskuts. The water station are quite far apart and the Nusa Iskandar trail are tough and therefore, riders should pack at least 3L of water between water stations.

1. You must have a helmet
2. Make sure you have enough provisions to last the duration of the trail. BRING SUFFICIENT WATER, ELECTROLYTES, ENERGY BARS/GEL AND FOOD.
3. Pack:
- Multi tool with chain tool
- Lube
- First aid
- Mosquitoe repellent
- Spare Tubes
4. Make sure you check in before the ride and check out after the ride.
5. And most important - STAY ON PAPER! If you're not on paper, backtrack to where you last saw paper and try to find the paper trail from there. DO NOT FOLLOW OTHER PEOPLE. Follow the paper on trail.

Rules & Regulations
1.1 You are allow to use 26" wheeled mountain bikes (you must start and complete the entire race with your entire bike).
1.2 You may ride, push or carry your bike the entire course, but are not allowed to block a fellow competitor.
1.3 No cyclo-cross bikes, touring bikes or road bikes allowed.
1.4 Helmets are compulsory.
1.5 Shoes or footwear covering the entire foot are compulsory and must be worn throughout the entire race.
1.6 The prepared racing number plates are to be used in the front of the bikes. Number plates are to be secured to the bike with the provided zip ties, you may ALSO use any other form of attachment.
1.7 Bending, cutting or modifying of prepared number plates is strictly not allowed. No replacement will be made available. This practice will result in immediate disqualification without enquiry.
1.9 Any width-sized tyres may be used. Competitors may use semi slick tyres but NO road slick tyres.
1.10 All competitors are to be responsible for any of your own mechanical breakdowns or issues arising on the trail/track, i.e. flat tire, broken chain, broken seat-post, etc.
1.11 To be eligible FOR prize money, you MUST FINISH the designated race.
1.12 Rules will be applied but due discretion will also be exercised on a case to case basis.

- RM50.00
- Bank in your money to account Teo Kim Liang 01190062621528 (CIMB Bank)
- Fax your bank slip with name, I/C no and jersey size to 07-5310633 or email to gpcycling@gmail.com
- Check name list in http://gpcycling.blogspot.com/
- Bring along register form & bank slip & collect the goodies bag on event date.

1st - RM1,000
2nd - RM800
3rd - RM600
4th - RM400
5th - RM200
(6th - 10th) - RM100
(11th - 20th) - RM50
**Lucky Draw will be provided

Alan (012-7709080)
Sky (019-7798933)


  1. hope women category have prize too!!!!!

  2. Thanks for your suggestion...We will time to time improve on it.For this time event we are group the male and female under one category and the placing prizes also under one category only.But in terms of attract more female riders to join the event, we already decide for those female participants are FREE registration for our Nusa Iskandar 2010.